4 Health Hacks for Working Remotely

4 Health Hacks for Working Remotely

June 30, 2020

This “Jacques’ Journal” is a collaboration with Maryam, founder of Office Yoga. I can personally credit Maryam’s coaching for helping me be able to play soccer into my 40’s. Those forever-tight hamstrings and hips need lots of love and attention. (Unfortunately, I alone have to work on my dribbling skills.) Now that COVID-19 has so many of us working from home, consider what she has to share and check out her special offer for you, our valued clients.

During COVID-19, almost every office has transitioned to working from home. As I connect with our Office Yoga clients through our Live Stream classes, many of them express having trouble working from home. Many report feeling disconnected from their teams and struggling to balance the boundaries between work and personal life. If you’re feeling this too, consider these four “health hacks” I shared with my clients for working remotely during this global crisis. 

1. Clear your space and commit to working from a specific area in your house- guest room, dining room table, home office, sun room- work from there only. Clear your space so you can work efficiently. Research shows that if you work from your bed, it will be hard for you to also sleep in your bed later because your mind associates it with work- or it’ll be hard for you to work because your mind associates it with sleep. Not to mention the lousy posture from schlumping around on the bed will have negative effects on your circulation and musculature.

2. Sit upright, and sit tall so you can think more clearly. How you sit has an impact on the quality of work you do—at home or in the office. Choose to sit on flat and supportive surfaces, as opposed to cushiony seats. As your body goes, your mind goes—keep it disciplined and sharp!

3. Take regular breaks. This will come naturally if you’re sitting up tall and in a committed space. Set an alarm for every 30 or 40 min, and take a 5 minute break. Stretch, lift weights, even move to a different seat and do a few minutes of dedicated breathing. Tune in to one of our Live Stream sessions. Regular breaks helps keep your mind clear and efficient.

4. Be patient with yourself- this is a marathon, not a sprint. Transitioning out of a pandemic will take time, and it will be slow. The new normal will most likely be a hybrid of virtual and real time work. Stay informed and learn what you need in the moment (how to set up your desk, how to cook a meal, COVID safety tips, managing a remote team, etc). Trust that you have the resources you need. You’ve been successful in the past, you can do it again. 

For easy fixes and tips to help you optimize your work station, check out The Ultimate Workstation led by Office Yoga and Renew Physical Therapy. As a loyal client of Jacques, you will receive 20% off this 4-part workshop series. Use discount code OYO20 upon registration.

Keep your head up and your mind open,

Maryam Sharifzadeh

Founder & CEO, Office Yoga