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January 06, 2015

How will the state budget crisis impact you and your retirement plans?

Jacques and his team have been serving the retirement planning and wealth management needs of the UC Berkeley community for more than a decade

As the state budget crisis continues to evolve, so does its influence on your ability to retire when and how you desire. Many UC Berkeley faculty and staff face significant challenges as a result of state budget deficits impacting jobs, retirement and heath benefits. Working with an experienced advisor who not only understands the current financial and economic environment, but how it impacts you as a UC faculty or staff member is critical to identifying and seeking to overcome risks that threaten your financial well-being.

How will rising health care premiums impact my ability to retire when and how I want?

Will I have enough to maintain my lifestyle throughout my retirement?

What do I need to know before initiating a retirement plan rollover?

How would early or forced retirement impact my ability to meet my retirement goals?

At that age should I begin to take Social Security benefits and/or distributions from my retirement accounts?

Should I consider long-term care insurance?

For more than a decade my team and I have helped UC Berkeley families answer these and other important questions on the path to pursuing financial independence in retirement. We’re confident we can help you make clear and confident decisions for your future as well.

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  • Developing a plan that seeks to preserve and protect your income throughout retirement

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