Jacques' Story

Early in my career as I was climbing the “corporate ladder,” I yearned for a meaningful purpose. At the same time, I was moved by the death of my grandfather. In him, I saw a great family provider but not a financially independent man.

The Great Depression and a lack of trust in his fellow man kept “Gramps” from decoding the mysteries of money. I dreamed of turning him from a saver into an investor. I believed that “Gramps” could have made smarter decisions with his money if only he had the knowledge and guidance he needed. And while knowledge may be power, guidance is what puts it to work for you.

From this epiphany, I dedicated myself to empowering people through financial planning. I acquired my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification from UC Berkeley in 1999, and along with my team of financial professionals, I have been helping members of the UC Berkeley and Bay Area communities pursue their life goals for more than a decade.

It would be an honor and a pleasure to help you plan towards your objectives at each stage of your life. Become a Client

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